Craft This Cute and Easy Notebook Key Chain

Craft This Cute and Easy Notebook Key Chain 1

To craft this cute notebook key chain first you have to cut equal sized small pages of the notebook. Stack them together and clip with a paper clip so as to apply hot glue on one side of the stack to create a chit pad. Then cut two cardboard pieces equal to the size of the notebook pages. Then mark the width of the chit pad on a piece of paper and glue the cardboard pieces to the both sides of the marked area. Cut two pieces of printed paper double in size of one page, fold both in half and glue them to both the sides of the chit pad. Cover the cardboard cover of the book with a piece of printed cloth with a loop of ribbon in the middle. Glue the chit pad to the center of the cover. Glue the printed papers to the inner sides of the cardboard cover with ribbons in between to be used for tying. Your notebook key chain is ready. Happy crafting!

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